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What's new in MRTGWebCfg
That new in version 2.21:
  • Localization files in UTF-8
  • register_globals is now no need to put in the On
  • Fixed minor bugs

That new in version 2.20:
  • File modes can be assigned on new images creation;
  • Two removed config.php settings: $Full_Settings, $Settings
  • Five new config.php settings: $Auto_CHMOD, $CHMOD_Images_Dir, $CHMOD_Images_Dir_Err, $Deny_Save_Config_File, $Deny_Check_Update
  • config.php web editor added;
  • Pages for adding, view and modificating records are changed, mrtg.cfg changes displayed there;
  • New MRTG settings added: kilo, rrdrowcount30m, rrdrowcount2h, rrdrowcount1d, rrdhwrras, sfilename, setenv, pagetop
  • "Target" setting can be SNMP or OTHER (OTHER means arbitrary value, including script or predefined value);
  • Code optimization.

That new in version 2.19:
  • Now it can determine whether new version of MRTGWebCfg was released;
  • 3 global MRTG parameters added (RunAsDaemon, Interval, NoDetach);
  • $Column_Set_Standart was removed from config.php
  • Admin scripts are moved to "admin" subfolder;
  • Database supports detection in php added.

That new in version 2.18:
  • MySQL database can be used as storage;
  • Template add error was fixed on the "Template management - GUI" page.

That new in version 2.17:
  • The French language added (Author: Aymeric MARCHAL)

That new in version 2.16:
  • Minor bugfixes;
  • English translation is completed.

That new in version 2.15:
  • Incoming traffic bugs exploration fixed;
  • Experimental utility SNMP Tools added;
  • Small bugs in interface fixed.

That new in version 2.14:
  • Image scaling fixed in rrd file analysis;
  • New configuration feature ($Show_Community - to show or not to show SNMP password on control panel).

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