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Minimalist PSPSDK Addon
Minimalist PSPSDK - a native Win32 port of the BSD PSPSDK (, with freely distributable import libraries and header files (DevPaks) for building cross compiled homebrew Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) applications.

Minimalist PSPSDK Addon - a set of additional tools, libraries, documentation and example programs for the Minimalist PSPSDK.

Minimalist PSPSDK Addon includes the following components:

Additional libraries: aalib, libAac, cppunit, libpng, libconfig, crypto++-5.5.2, hashlib++, libid3tag, libLZR, libOSL-1.1.0, m33libs (libpspkubridge), SDL_net-1.2.7, SDL_rtf-0.1.0, SDL_config-1.2, SDL_rwlib, libvlf, TinyGL, libbmp, libchm, libexif-0.6.17, libgcrypt-1.4.3, gnutls-2.4.2, libgpg-error-1.6, libgsasl-0.2.28, unzip, libwmadec, unrar, libtga, libUPNP, libCtrl, libPSPHBC
Additional programs: bash.exe, cat.exe, find.exe, mShell.exe and many others.
Documentation for the libraries: cal3d, cppunit, libconfig, libcurl, libiconv
Examples of programs on the use of libraries: cpplibs, hashlib++, intraFont (fix), Jello, libaa, libcrypto++, libcurl, libMath, libmikmod, LUAtest, OSLib, PSPInfo_1.2, PSPInfo_1.3, SDL, SDL_rwlib, VLF Library, libCtrl, libPSPHBC

Installing the Minimalist PSPSDK Addon:

1. Download Minimalist PSPSDK Addon for Windows.
2. Run the installer and select the directory in which a Minimalist PSPSDK.

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