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Documentation - NVStat Border Limiter

NVStat Border Limiter 2.2.0 (28.02.2007)

Main developer: Michael Grigorjev E-Mail: ICQ: 161867489

Program site: System requirements: Runs on: *nux/NetWare 6.x/WinNT/2000/XP/2003 Language used: Java Database: MySQL 3.x and above, PostgreSQL 7.x and above What NVStat Border Limiter is: NVStat Border Limiter is commercial addon to NVStat for NetWare. Basicaly it manages user traffic quotas and blocks users when user is over his traffic quota. Licensing: NVStat Border Limiter is licensed by number of blocked users, i.e. number of licenses if the maximum number of users who can be put into blocking group. Program is shipped with demo license which allows 5 blocked users. Licenses are priced as below: Price How does NVStat Border Limiter work: There are 3 stages: 1. NVStat Border Limiter connects to LDAP server and gains information about quotas groups and group members respectively. 2. Next it connects to database and calculates the traffic amount for each user on the current month. 3. Based on "1." and "2." it decides whether to block or not to block certain user. How NVStat Border Limiter can be used: 1. Quota controlling mode. All the 3 stages are performed. Program can be run with arbitrary interval in this mode. I recommend run it 1 minute after NVStat for NetWare Perl scripts. 2. Blocking group cleaning mode. This mode must be run on monthly basis. 3. Debug mode. Use it if you encounter incorrect behaviour of NVStat Border Limiter. Please send all the debugging information to developers. Installation: 1. Unpack distribution onto Novell Netware SYS volume. 2. Make sure you have installed license file nvstat.lic 3. Rename nvstat.conf.sample to nvstat.conf 4. Copy bmlimcheck.ncf and bmlimclean.ncf to server system folder (SYS:/SYSTEM/) 5. Edit nvstat.conf properly 6. Add the following lines to sys:/etc/crontab: 11,21,31,41,51,1 * * * 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 bmlimcheck.ncf 0 1 1 * 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 bmlimclean.ncf The first line starts Border Limiter in quota checking mode every 10 minutes. The second line runs Border Limiter in quota cleaning mode on monthly basis. 7. Restart cron (unload cron, load cron) 8. Create NDS group, where bocked users are put to, e.g. cn=NVStat-Block-User,ou=NVStat,o=MyORG 9. Add to Border Manager ACL which denies that group, make sure that ACL is the first one. 10. Check whether ACL does actually work. By default Border Manager rereads ACL every 20 minutes, so do not expect ACL to start work immediately. nvstat.conf parameters dbType= Database type, either mysql or postgresql dbServer= Database server address (IP or symbolic DNS name) dbPort= Database port dbName= Database name dbUser= Database user dbPass= Database password ldapServer= LDAP server address (IP or symbolic DNS name) ldapBaseDN= LDAP Base DN (e.g. o=MyORG) ldapAdminUser= NDS user which have full access to NVStat Base DN (e.g. cn=Admin,o=MyORG) ldapAdminPasswd= NDS user password ldapNVStatDN= NVStat group context, where quote groups and other NVStat objects are stored (e.g. ou=NVStat,o=MyORG) ldapNVStatBlockGroup= NVStat blocking group, where blocked users are put into (e.g. cn=NVStat-Block-User,ou=NVStat,o=MyORG)

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