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NVStat is a report building tool written in PHP, Perl and C++. It works with:

NetWare-like platform:
Unix-like platform:
NVStat is distributed under GPL

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MRTG is an abbrevation of "Multi Router Traffic Grapher", which is a service, collecting data through SNMP queries and putting that data on a Web page.
For instance, it can represent link load (incoming data rate, outgoing data rate, maximum and average data rate) on hourly, daily and other basis.

MRTGWebCfg is a PHP written tool which provides Web based interface for:
  • Managing MRTG config
  • Plotting custom RRD plots
  • Plotting graphical data on Web pages

MRTGWebCfg is distributed under GPL

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VPNConnectChecker - The program is designed to test the accessibility of the Internet connection.
Verification is performed by sending a ICPM packet (Ping) to the address you specify.
If in the time response does not come, then the connection is not working and the program tries to restart the specified VPN connection.

VPNConnectChecker is distributed under GPLv3

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