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ESP8266: Writing firmware to manage the system nooLite.
ESP8266: Building the compiler and write the first firmware.
ESP8266: Initial setup, firmware upgrade, the connection of Wi-Fi, sending, receiving data on a PC.
Review boards Odroid U2 and Odroid X2.
Using OpenCV in Delphi.
Using Google Speech API to control the computer.
Install and run a guest OS under VirtualBox on FreeBSD without X11.
ASUS WL-600G - Setting up access to the Internet via a modem ZTE MF627 (MF626) (firmware OpenWRT).
ASUS WL-600G - Connecting serial DB-9 cable.
Program overview PSPLink.
Configuring the Web server Apache 2.0.x with SSL support.
How to synchronise Samba3 and Heimdal password. Tutorial for OpenLDAP.
How to establish SSL/TLS connection of LDAP-client and OpenLDAP server.
Using USB for NetWare 6.5
Brief introduction to NetWare 6.0 web services NetWare 6.0

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